QB files can't be older than 2007 edition
Quickbooks files for conversion must be in 
  1. .qbb
  2. .qbw
  3. .qbxml

Accountant's verions or MAC files will need to be converted to one of the above formats

  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure Quickbooks for conversion to Xero is  equal to or less than 1 GIGABYTE or If Quickbooks online? it needs to be exported as qbxml file.
  2. Confirm multi-currency in Quickbooks has not been activated.
  3. Quickbooks Chart of Accounts must have fewer than 700 accounts.
  4. Quickbooks Chart of Accounts must NOT have duplicates nor the same number. (Before you uplaod your Quickbooks file, make sure you have assigned numbers in your chart of accounts)
  5. Delete inactive accounts
  6. Turn on account numbers in QB
  7. If turned on each QB account has a UNIQUE number/ID.
  8. If using any online services, make sure all accounts have posted and disconnect any online services
  9. Go to Xero 'home page if you dont have login and start a free trial if you dont have Xero account.
  10. Go to My Xero and add your organization if you haven't done so already.
  11. Important: Make sure you click on the link: " Convert your Quickbook file for free" <-- I failed to click on it and later found out that once you are at the point of no return that you will need to recreate a new organization all over again and click on conversion option.
  12. Enter name of organization and check box to convert my Quickbooks file and click continue
  13. Browse computer to select Quickbooks file you have prepared.
  14. Check the box if your Quickbooks file has a password: and enter your Ad

My frustrations and trial and tribulations with importing bank statement in CSV format into Xero - the cloud based Bookkeeping System

This is a day to day personal experience - my frustrations, my trial and tribulations at attempting to transition  a company's bookkeeping system from Quickbooks to Xero. I hope anyone who is planing to move to a cloud based system can benefit from my experience with importing a bank statement using a CSV file into Xero Bookkeeping software

I've been talking to the salesman and support at Xero and from what they tell me it seems fairly simple.

Our bank does not have proper way to import bank feeds into Xero. So I have been advised by Xero tech support to use Yodlee feeds. Should be a simple user ID and password and done.

None of the "fairly simple" stuff works because our bank is in the dinosaur ages. So as a last recourse I have no choice but to try to download the bank statements in  CSV format.
I watch the videos on Xero's support site - it looks really simple as 1-2-3  right?.....

 I thought I was going to be be able to complete bank statement import into Xero in 5 minutes max. I mean how how hard should it really be right? Wrong. It's been 4 hours and I am having to physically clean the data row by row and re-format it and ad - signs  to the debits and cut and paste every deposit out of the deposit column.

I asked Xero technical support for help and they would point me to videos. However I didn't find videos that instruct me to globally add a -ve sign to all my debit records in my bank statements. Apparently they don't have a tool that helps simple data conversion so I had to go in to the spreadsheet and line by line clean up the file...

I don't expect the data conversion to be nice and pristine. So now that I have formatted the data I have reached this import screen.
Xero's website says the following:

Follow these steps to import your transactions
1. In a new window, go to your bank web site.
2. Download your bank statement. File type must be OFX, QFX, QBO, QIF or CSV
3. Upload the bank statement file here...

Choose FileStatementImportTemplate.csv

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