The Best coffee and delicious breakfast bagel sandwich with cream cheese and egg in Ventura

As you know, I like to share about random unqiue places that I end of finding such as restaurants, hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, bagel bakeries etc. Here is one that I Wanted to share with you:
I believe It is the simple pleasures in life that matter, such as a simple cup of freshly brewed coffee or a delicious breakfast bagel sandwich with cream cheese and egg, don’t you agree? Therefore, I wanted to share with you about the best Bagel, Cheese and Egg sandwich and coffee (in my opinion) that I had the pleasure to enjoy in Ventura. But, don't take my word for it. Go try their coffee and bagel sandwiches and come back and tell me if you liked their coffee/bagel. The place is called Bagel Rock Coffee: Bagel Rock Coffee is located at 2781 E. Main St., Ventura CA 93003
Call Bagel Rock Coffee at (805) 648-7625 Give Bagel and Rock Coffee today, you will be glad you did
So if you want to read about my experience then read on....One Saturday morning, I stopped by the city of Ventura. I was near the CMH Community Memorial Hospital neighborhood in Ventura. And I was thinking,"I wonder where's the best bagel shop or the best coffee shop near me?", because I was craving my morning cup of freshly brewed coffee and you have to admit that there is nothing better that goes with a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee than a freshly toasted warm bagel and cream cheese sandwich. It's like a ritual where you wake up, brush your teeth shower, get dressed and stop by the coffee shop or your favorite bagel bakery near you.
And lo and behold I found one right in the heart of Ventura: Bagel Rock Coffee. I don’t know what it was: perhaps it was the fresh quality of the toasted bagel+cream cheese topped with freshly scrambled eggs combined with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. But I got to tell you that it sure hit the spot.
While most people crave an espresso or a latte,or a carmel macchiato, nothing makes me more happier than a simple cup of plain black coffee. I mean don't get me wrong nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong in in making a French Press Coffee at home or even ordering a macchiato or the frozen chocolate carmel drizzled coffee drinks that are popular these days. There is also a few of my friends who swear by Irish coffee, Americano,flat white, however, if you are a purist, then, nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed black coffee. There's been a trend towards nespresso pods and aeropress and other kitschy gadgets, however nothing beats the ritual of going to this place that I love, because I get to meet my neighbors, office associates, people who work in the same vicinity as I do and I kind of like that familiarity of meeting and making friends while we are all lined up in the morning to have our cup of coffee at favorite coffeehouse. I like the small mom and pop coffee and bagel bakeries because they remind me of long bygone era of old fashioned values, friendships and memories that we all treasure.
When fall has arrived, I like to celebrate the change in seasons by ordering a pumpkin latte, occasionally I love to find places that serve turkish coffee, armenian coffee. I mean don't get me wrong there's always a place for Starbucks, hey I am sure you have heard about the starbucks color changing cups. Speaking of Starbucks are you the Starbucks frappucino type.Now, I know most people don't admit it however, what I think it is about Starbucks frappuccino is the sweetness that is addicting to people who have a sweet-tooth don't you agree?
I often wonder how did we go from coffee arabica, you know when times were simple to where coffee has evolved to "nitro cold brew coffee" and butter coffee? What do you think of butter coffee? In my opinion most people in cities and towns across America go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or Starbucks or Peet's Coffe. However, MacDonald's is in the coffee business too and there appears to be quite a following for their coffee. The 7 Eleven coffee also tends to have a loyal following. So let me know what your favorite place is to get a coffee and bagel. It is the smile pleasures in life that matter.

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