Consideration for elderly in our community

Be considerate to the elderly and less fortunate. If you have neighbors that are elderly, take time to visit them. Or at the very least, take time to call them and say hello. Think about it? Most elderly rarely demand much from anyone. Serenity is what most elderly desire... Even if you can afford to say hello or afford a smile. It means the world to someone who is elderly. Just  remember there are a few guarantees in life however, if you live long, then, it is guaranteed that you will grow to be elderly someday? What goes around comes around. It may require perhaps for you to be a little patient with the elderly cross the street or someone who is perhaps handicapped - he or she might need help crossing the street.

But, think about it for just a second it could also be you and I someday, if get to live that long? Just think? These words are not for the purpose of preaching to anyone. These words are first for me, to remind me of the kind and caring folk that we are blessed in each of our communities. And how blessed we are to have neighbors who are elderly, community members who are elderly. Some have taken care of others, hence now it is our duty to show the support of them. Do remember our veterans in our community, do remember nurses, do remember peace officers who have dedicated their lives to serving each of our communities. Do remember the elderly who volunteer time helping kids safely cross the streets. 

Kindness to the elderly and to those who have special needs

 As we recover, please remember our elderly, those who have special needs in our community. If you have elderly parents, please remember to be kind to them. the website for the people by the people.

Sending good thoughts and prayers to all who are struggling through tough times, through unemployment, through loss of a loved one, through tough economic conditions having to endure. My thoughts and well wishes go to all. Let me know if I can say a even a simple prayer for anyone. I gladly will. That is the least that I can do.

The local economy appears to be normalizing. People are beginning to return to restaurants for indoor dining.  It has been rough on everyone including local family owned "mom and pop" business as well as corporations which make up the business institutions in our communities. Please try to extend your support to them.

Remember the 4th of July. Thank our veterans for their service. Thank the individuals such as medical staff in our community. They have put themselves in harms way during this pandemic. Kindly remember to say a kind word and thank each and every individual who puts themselves in harms way such as the paramedics, or the neighborhood grocery store clerk. Thank you all for all that you do. We are grateful to all of you for your sacrifice.