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Sending good thoughts and prayers to all who are struggling through tough times, through unemployment, through loss of a loved one, through tough economic conditions having to endure. My thoughts and well wishes go to all. Let me know if I can say a even a simple prayer for anyone. I gladly will. That is the least that I can do.

The local economy appears to be normalizing. People are beginning to return to restaurants for indoor dining.  It has been rough on everyone including local family owned "mom and pop" business as well as corporations which make up the business institutions in our communities. Please try to extend your support to them.

Remember the 4th of July. Thank our veterans for their service. Thank the individuals such as medical staff in our community. They have put themselves in harms way during this pandemic. Kindly remember to say a kind word and thank each and every individual who puts themselves in harms way such as the paramedics, or the neighborhood grocery store clerk. Thank you all for all that you do. We are grateful to all of you for your sacrifice.